No this is NOT a bra insert as some may say – way too small – hello! (insert roll eye emoji)  However, it is the latest trend in the beauty world.

This little silicone makeup sponge replaces all the nasty sponges that will not wash off no matter how many times you run it under warm water with soap.  We’ve tried it and we LOVE it!  It feels strange at first.  A bit cold and well… just odd.  But WOW does it work great for blending.  You have to get used to it at first since it’s quite slippery.  All you do is press the product into your skin and it will smooth out.  A little product goes a very long way so you will need significantly less product than you are used to putting on your sponge or brush.  Works great with foundation, BB/CC Creams and concealer.  It washes quickly, easily and completely off with a little soap and water. We do mean quickly – like seconds vs the obscene amount of time and water to clean any kind of sponge or brush.  Use a padding motion – not a dragging motion.  Happy blending!


  • Easy to clean
  • Saves on product
  • Blends beautifully


  • Doesn’t work well in tiny areas like inside the corners of your eyes