Ok so it costs an absurd amount of money  for a water bottle and it’s a bit of a fad but it’s sooo beautiful and it keeps your water oh so cold and refreshing!  You might be appalled that someone would spend this kind of money on a water bottle – but trust me when I say, wait until you give this Hydro Flask as a gift to someone who has it all and they call you up to rave about it.   It will bring a smile to your face and theirs and you will end up with a bottle for yourself.

So here’s all the reasons you will love this Hydro Flask:

1) Unbelievably effective at holding temperature. Have yet to see an occasion when there is not still ice at the end of the day, no matter how hot it’s been: sitting in a hot car, going through a double class of Bikram yoga (4hrs in 105 degree room!)

2) Incredibly well made.  It will hold up to your teenagers and your camping trips.

3) Doesn’t hold odors at all (unlike plastic bottles.)

4) Super easy to clean (unlike most aluminum bottles.)

5) Has multiple options for lids to suit your quirks.

6) Double wall means no condensation and no puddles of water.

7) No BPAs

8). And it comes in all sorts of colors so you can pick what you love!

How can you not fall in love with this high quality, high end, water hydration king of water bottles?

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask